R&D Laboratory

The most important works and projects  

  1. Development and deliveries of the specialized CAD software "EMC-Analyzer" for solving of intrasystem EMC problems in local ground-based and on-board complexes of radio and electronic systems (the software is delivered to customers in 10 countries).
  2. Development and deliveries of the ADFTS for characterization of radio & microwave devices and components (receivers, amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, etc.) in frequency range 30 MHz - 40 GHz on the basis of modern measurement equipment of general purpose from leading manufacturers (Agilent, Rohde and Schwarz, Anritsu, etc.) and original double-frequency testing technology.
  3. Development and deliveries of the specialized software for frequency planning and EMC analysis in spatially-distributed radio systems of different radio services, networks, and fields using GIS technologies and digital area maps (software "GEOMAP", "NFPS", "Hop Designer", "EMC-Simulator-900", etc.).
  4. Practical decision of EMC and EMS problems for number of the major radio systems allocated on territory of Belarus (radars, systems of aircrafts radio navigation and landing, Earth stations for a satellite communication, air traffic control systems; GSM, UMTS, and WiMAX base stations, UHF and SHF radio relay links, etc.).
  5. Scientific justification and support of conversion of a Belarus radio-frequency resource in frequency bands of GSM cellular communication (900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency ranges), in frequency bands of third generation cellular communication IMT-2000 (in a range of 2 GHz), and in WiMAX frequency bands (2, 3 and 5 GHz frequency ranges).
  6. Development and modernization of frequency plans for national and regional radio networks (communication, FM broadcasting, TV, navigation, etc.), including
    • Upgrading of national frequency plans for analog TV and FM broadcasting on the territory of Belarus, development of local frequency plans for DVB-T digital TV taking into account intersystem EMC problems.
    • Development of regional frequency plans for analog and digital trunking (MPT-1327, TETRA, APCO-25) radio communication networks for 150, 300, and 400 MHz bands.
    • Development of frequency plans for departmental and regional networks of the fixed service in conditions of limitation on the allocated radio-frequency resource (radio relay line-of-sight systems, WiMAX networks).
    • Frequency planning of Belarus GSM-900 cellular communication at the initial stage of its development taking into account EMC problems with systems of aircraft radio navigation and landing on the territory of Belarus and neighboring countries.
    • Development of EMC conditions for systems of various radio services (mobile, fixed, radars, radionavigation, broadcasting, etc.) to ensure their operation in congruent frequency bands.
  7. Designing of radio objects of various structure and purposes for territories of Russia and Belarus.
  8. Development of standards, norms, techniques, instructions, and other national normative acts in areas of EMC, EMS, and EME, including
    • A technique for providing of EMC between GSM-900 base stations and radio systems of aircraft navigation and landing by criterion of a noise margin for the equipment of air radio navigation service.
    • A technique for designing of UHF and SHF line-of-sight radio relay links.
    • Sanitary norms, rules, and hygienic specifications «Hygienic requirements to installation and operation of cellular communication systems».
    • The instruction for estimation of forced risk for health of the population from influence of the electromagnetic fields created by base stations of cellular mobile communication and broadband wireless access systems.