R&D Laboratory

 EMC technologies based on digital area maps

For more than 15 years, EMC R&D laboratory develops the software for frequency planning and intersystem EMC analysis in space-scattered ground-based complexes of wireless systems. This software is based on radio-wave propagation modeling which takes into account the frequency and polarization of radiation in the ranges of meter, decimeter, and centimeter waves (VHF, UHF, SHF, etc.). With the help of digital area maps and GIS platforms (such as GIS, Panorama, MapInfo, etc.), topographical heterogeneity of the terrain and vegetation are taken into account by the use of models given in ITU-R Recommendations.

Software is developed with a glance of customers requirements.

Software is shipped to customers of Belarus, Russia, and other countries.

Software NFPS is an example of the program utilizing GIS technology.



 Main technical characteristics:

Files to download:

1. "GIS-RF" Flyer

2. "NFPS" Flyer

3. "NFPS & Hop Designer" Presentation

4. "Hop Designer" Flyer