R&D Laboratory

EMC-Analyzer - a specialized CAD software for solving EMC problems of on-board and local ground-based systems

"EMC-Analyzer" provides the following opportunities:

  1. Solving of on-board EMC problems in the assumption of presence of different equipment (different radio systems; computers and control systems, data-measuring systems, power supply equipment, etc.) on the basis of system-level EMC criterion "Total integrated interference margin".
  2. Simultaneous consideration and risk estimation of spurious electromagnetic couplings of the various nature (through antennas and apertures, between cables, between cases, through grounding loops, etc.).
  3. Creation of effective computer (mathematical) model of on-board radio electronic system or ground/water-based RF object, which makes it possible to solve EMC problems on all stages of on-board and area-based equipment development and application.
  4. Permanent improvement of elements of this model by measurements or more precise modeling of separate spurious electromagnetic couplings, which makes it possible to raise considerably its usage efficiency from stage to stage of modeling.
  5. Substantiation of necessary adjustments of equipment characteristics for the intrasystem EMC problem solving, specification generation for system equipment by the use of the system-level EMC criterion.
  6. Detailed nonlinear behavior simulation of on-board or area-based radio receivers operating in very complicated (severe) electromagnetic environment (EME) formed by thousands of modulated or noise-like interfering signals. This simulation makes it possible to identify sources, reasons, places of occurrence, and parameters of a linear and nonlinear radio interference (co-channel, adjacent-channel, spurious responses, intermodulation, desensitization, cross modulation, reciprocal mixing, etc.) in radio receivers.

"EMC-Analyzer" is a unique software in the international market, providing such totality of functions.