R&D Laboratory

EMC-Analyzer - a specialized CAD software for solving EMC problems of on-board and local ground-based systems

Apllication area of "EMC-Analyzer":

  1. EMC analysis, design, and maintenance on all stages of radio system development and application including preliminary research, detailed designing of system and subsystems, systems exploitation, support, and modernization.

  2. Types of systems supported by "EMC-Analyzer"
    • on-board systems (aircraft, helicopter, missile, satellite, ship, box-body, etc.),

    • ground/water-based systems (airport, seaport, building roof, antenna tower, local ground/water object, etc.),

    • complex local spatially distributed systems, groupings (several aircrafts, helicopters, ships, etc.).

  3. Intrasystem EMC analysis, design, and maintenance in on-board systems taking into consideration
    • various on-board radio-electronic equipment (different radio systems; computers and control systems, data-measuring systems, power supply equipment, etc.);

    • different on-board spurious electromagnetic couplings ("antenna to antenna", "field to antenna", "antenna to wire", "wire to wire", "field to wire", "case to case", "field to case", "ground loop");

    • external electromagnetic environment (EME).

  4. Intrasystem EMC analysis, design, and maintenance in spatially limited ground/water-based RF objects
    • with regard to various ground/water-based RF systems of different radio services (radio communication, radiolocation, radio navigation, radio monitoring, etc.);

    • taking into consideration external EME formed by spatially distributed radio frequency (RF) devices and systems.